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September, 29 2000       12:08:27 AM
i am a muslim journalist in i9ndia i wany to contact ur organisation

September, 11 2000       02:27:06 AM
mona mahmoud hassan
this is my first time at this site and i hope that i will get benefit out of it and thank you for this site

September, 08 2000       04:55:42 PM
valerie clarke
Hello I Hope you can help me, my sister was married to a Lybian, and unlike most european women I am not looking for her children but the opposite, I am looking for the father, he had one daughter with my sister and abandoned that child over 15 years ago, but now that child needs him to stay alive. I am sorry for contacting you but I have tried everything else I can think of and now I am at my wits end. I thought you might be able to lead me to a site I could go to to try to find him. Everything I try to get into just tells me how wonderful life is in Lybia. I just wish it was the same for my niece. I hpoe you can help me by putting me in the right direction. yours sincerely valerie clarke

September, 06 2000       09:24:10 AM
Kostandina Voiadzis
I need some help I am trying to build a Islamic web page for muslim sister's but I need some ideas please contact me on e-mail and also I wanted to to know if I could put your link on my web page. I think your web page is the best I have seen. Jazk Allah May Allah bless you all... (amen)

August, 28 2000       02:57:03 AM
nelofer sultana
recently i visited your site. i want more information about islam. there any good book or cd's if give me names my email id is